Science fiction meets the new cold war in Asia

The new 2001 millennium began with a global cold war in which Asian countries and space age weaponry play a major role. North Korea's leading space weaponry scientist, Min Cho, was the protege of Vladimir, Russia's leading scientist in that field before his activism clashed with the party line and he, with Min Cho's help, found asylum in North Korea. Now they jointly head North Korea's space age weaponry program. Researching their competitors in this field, America's Paul Koch and the North Korean team become aware of each other in this earth threatening arms race, despite the security and secrecy involved.

Woven into this tapestry of a space age cold war arms race is the intrigue and intimacy of eccentric people whose personalities and passionate affairs influence the affairs of state that are dependent upon yet impatient with them. Seulgi Choi weaves this tapestry with the experience of someone who has lived between different geographic, national, and cultural worlds.

Call it science fiction, a spy thriller, or a very steamy romance novel which includes the spice of kidnaping, imprisonment, and sex used a a political tool of manipulation, if you like to exercise your endocrine system, Seulgi Choi's new novel, Behold A Pale Horse, will do it.

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