Alfred Josephs was born in Toronto, Canada, 10/30/66 and enjoys dual citizenship via American and Canadian parents. Early in his adult life he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana where he became established as a metal artist, replicating antique chandeliers, candelabra, and lanterns. He also distinguished himself as a fencing champion achieving the title of Sabre Master. To embellish his metalwork, he educated himself in the field of ancient art, becoming an authority on the history and culture of ancient art in Northern Europe.

Related to the study of ancient art and inspired by the early history of New Orleans, Josephs expanded his research to the global history of imagery. The results of that research have been published by Media Maestro Book Division in Fetish, his landmark work on effigies, including dolls, marionettes, and puppets, and his follow-up book, The Yin and Yang of Symbols, a history of good luck and back luck/positive and negative symbols throughout history. His latest work, Black and White Magic, touches on the sensitive comparisons of religions, cults, and the occult, and is scheduled for release early in 2015. His work is profusely illustrated and the text peppered with historical anecdotes bringing the subject to life.

Josephs currently lives in New Orleans French Quarter where his artwork is shown at the annual Spring Festival and he continues to write on the subject of art history.


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